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Specialist wood supplier, Logs Direct, has announced the winner of a competition that signalled a warm-hearted gesture to keep one very deserving person warm this winter.

In launching its ‘Deserving Person’ competition for 2020, Logs Direct had not anticipated that the recipient of its free crate of logs would be someone who is typically the supplier of wood supplies to others in need.  However, in winner Peter Moffatt, who lives in northern Cumbria, they found that person.

Peter was nominated by his daughter, Susan, because he is one of the many who have suffered mental health impacts due to Covid-19 and the need to shield due to health issues. Whilst, in previous years, he has demonstrated his deep kindness by helping neighbours and providing wood and kindling to any friends in need for free, he has been unable to leave his house this summer to get even his own supplies of wood. 

Having suffered from great anxiety and depression during the pandemic and having experienced a panic attack on one occasion when he did try to go out, Susan felt her father really deserved to have the favour returned and have someone else provide his wood for once.  Knowing his store had run very low, she felt that a one-cubic-metre crate of top-quality, kiln-dried, ready-to-burn wood would be just the pick-me-up her father needed.

Logs Direct is making arrangements to deliver the wood, deciding that there could be no worthy recipient than someone who has gone the extra mile to keep others warm in the past.  The company also wishes to highlight the situation for many of those who have had to shield this year and the mental health impacts they have suffered.  It wishes to stress that anyone in this situation needs to talk about their issues and concerns, rather than bottling them up.

Logs Direct’s sales director, Stephen Talbot, says: “Covid-19 has changed many lives and routines, as our Deserving Person competition has highlighted.  We are delighted to help bring some good news to one person who has experienced issues in coping, but we know there are many others out there.  We would urge everyone to think about their neighbours and friends, family members and even more casual acquaintances.  Just ask them how they are doing and encourage them to talk.  Knowing someone cares, could make all the difference.”

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